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HSE Policies 

E.A. Temile & Sons Dev. Co. Ltd has well defined HSE policies, which are in line with our clients policies. These policies were drawn with the understanding of the nature of our business in engineering construction/haulage business with reference to the acceptable safety, health and environment practices. In order to demonstrate our seriously in matters relating to HSE issues in the running of our business, the management of E.A. Temile & Sons Company has put in place policies that show the commitment of our company to HSE implementation.

 The policies are flexible and easy to read and understand by any category of worker in our operations. These policies are drawn out for the understanding of the management and the workforce in order to perform their duties in such a way that all operational risks associated with our daily activities can be reduced and all forms of safety, health and environment exposure to hazard can be properly managed. Samples of our corporate HSE polices are made available on our information board accessible to all persons. Copies of these policies are displayed at our project locations, workshop and other operational site.


These policies are consistent with clients’ requirement and national law. The HSE policies are assigned by the managing director and are reviewed at regular intervals or when anew managing director assumes duty, whichever is sooner. The review does not necessarily result in a change except where necessary due to regulatory mandate.

The development of this is a continuous process based on:

  • Nigerian legislation, guidelines from governmental agencies and the host communities feedback, non-governmental organizations input and industry at large.
  • Feedback and learning points from HSE management performance reviews, incident monitoring and audits.
  • Evaluation of risks and treat to continued HSE improvement including aspects of the operations that impact upon the environment.

The corporate custodian of all corporate HSE policies is the HSE manager. Policies, whether HSE or otherwise are owned by the respective line managers.

In the execution of all jobs, it is the policy of our company that every reasonable effort will made to ensure that all employees have safe, and healthy place in which to work and adequate welfare facilities, and the surrounding environment shall not be adversely affected by work activities.

The prevention of all accidents, particularly those involving personal injury or damage to property are recognized as being essential to efficient operation as well as to avoid hardship and suffering .while the overall policy responsible for safety rest at the highest management level, all individuals at every level will have responsibility for carrying out the policy. With this in mind, employee should report potential hazards and observe safety rules, procedures and code of work practices.

The company retains the services of good clinics, to cater for their employees and also ensure that adequate medical services are provided to cover all our operations. We encourage our employees to participate in voluntary first aid training of other training programs.

E.A. Temile & Sons Dev. Co. Ltd environmental is a complete fulfillment of the recent clamor for improved living condition and sustainable development practices. The company is committed to ensuring cleans and health environment especially in the course of work. Every effort will be concentrated towards minimization of noise, dust and other pollution agents released during our jobs. It is expected of every of our employee to provide healthy, safe and environmentally acceptable conditions both at work and at home. The policies are stated below.


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