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E.A Temile and Sons Dev. Co. Ltd was incorporated in January 22, 1974 with the Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC] Federal Republic of Nigeria as a registered Engineering,Transportation and Instrumentation company with registration number RC. 12441.

Since it’s incorporation as an indigenous organization, it has been and is still enjoying patronage from quite a number of reputable clients like Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), and NNPC as our major clients. There is no doubt that E.A.Temile Dev. Co. Ltd has already carved a niche for itself in the engineering industry.


Our major area of specialization includes but limited to:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Provision of manpower
  • Instrumentation
  • Logistics support services
  • Provision of marine equipment such as House boats, barges, tug boats, vessels e.t.c
  • Dredging/piling

We have qualified, reputable, capable and seasoned professional onboard to ensure successful execution of projects, we are involved in, irrespective of its magnitude and cost.

Over the years, we have executed various jobs for the oil industry, especially Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) and chevron Texaco Nig. Ltd, as our major clients. The cardinal objective of the company is to provide high quality jobs execution to our various clients and the society at large.


E.A.Temile & Sons Dev. Co. Ltd is structurally divided into six departments as follows:

    Administrative department of this company handles internal and external information, staff development/personal matter, logistics and community issue.
    the account department is charged with the responsibility of gathering, collating and communicating all financial information of the company to appropriate levels of the management for effective control and decision making.
    this unit propels the company in its onshore and offshore mechanical operation. It is responsible for repairs and maintenance of light and heavy equipment.
    the electrical/technical department handles all electrical installation jobs for the maintenance of electrical equipment and power generation and utility management. It is structured to offer technical expertise.
    this department serve the in market valuation and procurement of needed work materials and equipment. It deals with supply of house boats, barges and the supply all maritime related equipment to the clients.
    This department handles all the company’s civil and structural job from design stage, execution and finishing, quality assurance to commissioning. 


Leader and Commitment


Adequate resources allocation shall be in terms of employment of competent personnel to compliment the system. Funds shall be made available adequately, equitable without starving others competing corporate needs. Equipment that are sound and up to date in expected standard shall be provided and regularly serviced and maintained for optimum and friendly performance.

The issue of HSE-Ms in our company is given top priority form the management based on this, the managing director and other top management staff shall be prime movers in all maters relating to HSE tin our operation. The management of the company shall provide adequate resources for HSE. Efficient and competent person shall be engaged in handling issue affecting our HSE as a mark of our total belief and commitment o HSE as an important aspect of our business operation.


To further demonstrate our unalloyed commitment to HSE-Ms, the managing director shall be the chairman of all HSE meeting schedule within our company. Our line manager in HSE and field operations, supervisors shall attend our regular HSE meetings compulsorily


The managing director along with other management staff shall encourage effective communications of HSE issue within the company. This shall be achieved by encouraging free distribution of HSE posters, handbills, bulletin, and magazines and by discussing critical HSE issues during HSE meetings.


As a way of showing that the managing director is fully committed to all issue relating to HSE within the organization, we shall personally carry out an inspection o facilities and the environment of the workplace. By so doing we shall have first hand information on the state of the work site.

The company’s management demonstrate visible commitment to HSE to enhance the credibility of her HSE policies and objective and to communicate the importance of HSE issue and to develop a save working culture in practice, commitment means providing adequately trained and competent personnel to develop, implement and maintain the HSE-Ms, stick to the policy and achieve the overall HSE objectives.

The company’s HSE culture is based on:

  • Believe in the company’s ability to continually improve HSE performance.
  • Creating a no-blame work environment.
  • Setting clear objective and target for HSE and reviewing performance at regular intervals.
  • Empowering and encouraging staff at all level to take personal responsibility for and take a leadership role in HSE issues relevant to their professional work, their work environment and our host communities.

Show of serious commitment to HSE in the organization is evidenced:

  • Given room to employee’s suggestion for improvement of HSE performance.
  • Promoting HSE discussions in company meetings and bulletin.
  • Including HSE plan and review with company’s operational planning circle and meeting structure.
  • Attending and chairing meetings.
  • Acting on HSE report without delay
  • Operating an open-ended relation to external liaison with authorities and the general public.
  • Conducting HSE audit or inspections personally.
  • Taking part in the implementation of HSE plans
  • Creating time for field ad-hoc HSE site as well as fore-planed program of community visit and management asset inspections.
  • Taking part in incident investigation.
  • Relating with subcontractors on HSE matters and promoting improvement to HSE performance in meeting with subcontractors
  • Be present at HSE meetings/workshops outside the company.
  • Appointing experienced and competent staff to develop review and maintain the HSE management system.
  • Setting specific HSE task and target for individuals and departments.

Leadership in HSE issues is not centralized around company management. Management supports local actions and initiatives employed to promote HSE allows individuals to play leadership roles within their circle of influence.


HSE Policies

E.A. Temile & Sons Dev. Co. Ltd has well defined HSE policies, which are in line with our clients policies. These policies were drawn with the understanding of the nature of our business in engineering construction/haulage business with reference to the acceptable safety, health and environment practices. The policies are flexible and easy to read and understand by any category of worker in our operations. These policies are drawn out for the understanding of the management and the workforce in order to perform their duties in such a way that all operational risks associated with our daily activities can be reduced and all forms of safety, health and environment exposure to hazard can be properly managed. Samples of our corporate HSE polices are made available on our information board accessible to all persons. Copies of these policies are displayed at our project locations, workshop and other operational site.

In order to demonstrate our seriously in matters relating to HSE issues in the running of our business, the management of E.A. Temile & Sons Company has put in place policies that show the commitment of our company to HSE implementation.

These policies are consistent with clients’ requirement and national law. The HSE policies are assigned by the managing director and are reviewed at regular intervals or when anew managing director assumes duty, whichever is sooner. The review does not necessarily result in a change except where necessary due to regulatory mandate.

The development of this is a continuous process based on:

  • Nigerian legislation, guidelines from governmental agencies and the host communities feedback, non-governmental organizations input and industry at large.
  • Feedback and learning points from HSE management performance reviews, incident monitoring and audits.
  • Evaluation of risks and treat to continued HSE improvement including aspects of the operations that impact upon the environment.

The corporate custodian of all corporate HSE policies is the HSE manager. Policies, whether HSE or otherwise are owned by the respective line managers.

In the execution of all jobs, it is the policy of our company that every reasonable effort will made to ensure that all employees have safe, and healthy place in which to work and adequate welfare facilities, and the surrounding environment shall not be adversely affected by work activities.

The prevention of all accidents, particularly those involving personal injury or damage to property are recognized as being essential to efficient operation as well as to avoid hardship and suffering .while the overall policy responsible for safety rest at the highest management level, all individuals at every level will have responsibility for carrying out the policy. With this in mind, employee should report potential hazards and observe safety rules, procedures and code of work practices.

The company retains the services of good clinics, to cater for their employees and also ensure that adequate medical services are provided to cover all our operations. We encourage our employees to participate in voluntary first aid training of other training programs.

E.A. Temile & Sons Dev. Co. Ltd environmental is a complete fulfillment of the recent clamor for improved living condition and sustainable development practices. The company is committed to ensuring cleans and health environment especially in the course of work. Every effort will be concentrated towards minimization of noise, dust and other pollution agents released during our jobs. It is expected of every of our employee to provide healthy, safe and environmentally acceptable conditions both at work and at home. The policies are stated below.


Community Affairs Policy

The company shall take all necessary steps to maintain good relations with the community with whom she comes into contact during the course of our project execution. These shall include observing all protocols and customs in the community, paying due homage as may be required by the community.

All community related matters shall be handled by experienced member of senior management staff (i.e. The HSE coordinator). Where the HSE coordinator is unavoidably absent, his Assistant or Quality Auditor shall attend to community Affairs in consultation with our clients Community Liaison Officer (CLO).

E.A Temile and Sons Dev. Co. have identified root causes of community disturbances, mainly:

  • Economic hardship resulting from depressed National Economy.
  • Incitement of communities by their representatives.
  • Low literacy level
  • Communication gap.
  • Urban-rural migration.

Having known these and being an environmental sensitive company. Our policies are to forestall any disturbances and rather enjoy the active cooperation of the host communities. We intend to achieve this via.

  • Employment of indigenous
  • Encouragement of community participation in projects by the employment of locals into our Labor force for the execution of projects.
  • Public relation personnel.
  • Our award of contract prior to mobilization site, our community relations led by the project manager will team up with all the community concern in the project.
  • Regular liaising, will also be established wit community leaders youth association chiefs to ascertain areas of cooperation and assistance between the communities and company.
  • Community unrest:
  • The company aims to avoid disturbances completely but where they do occur we shall endeavor to resolve those conflicts peacefully using our previously established report/ contacts with the communities concern.
  • If conflict is of a larger portion, we will seek the support of the local government authorities, core heads and elites of the communities in their resolutions.


It is the policy of the company to carry out its activities in such manner that no fatalities or injuries or damage to property arise therefrom. Every necessary step shall be taken to subfigure all who work for us in including third parties.

Positive attitudes to safety shall be awarded and negative ones frowned upon. Detailed safety procedures shall be in place and site management held accountable for its implementation on site.

In order to ensure an enviable safety performance, the following strategies will be adopted:-

  • The continuous identification all accident causes.
  • The control of accident causes.
  • The minimization of accident losses.

It is our policy to,

Encourage employees who have alcohol or drug dependence to seek medical advice and take treatments.

Assist such employees not to jeopardize their jobs, although alternative work may be considered.

It is strictly prohibited for any employee to be at work while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

For any employee to posses, distribute or sell or illegal drugs on company business or work locations.

E.A. Temile & Sons Company may take disciplinary action against any employee who due to illegal drug or alcohol use is unable to work except where such person(s) are undergoing medical help.

Conduct unannounced searches for drugs & alcohol at work locations. Conduct unannounced, periodic or random testing on employees on their consent.

Where an employee refuses to consent to such tests, the company may draw whatever conclusion considered appropriate in the circumstances.

If on first time basis, a test result is positive the employee will be allowed to continue in our employment provided there is compliance with appropriate rehabilitation procedures. If there after a test result is positive, disciplinary action will be taken at the company’s discretion.

All E.A. Temile & Sons Company subcontractors are required to comply.

In pursuing these policies, the company will continue to respect the rights of individuals, and will minimize intrusion into the private life her employees.

Health Policy

Since work may affect any or every system of the human body, it is therefore essential that early recognition of heath hazards is established, monitored and controlled. The company places great emphasis on the promotion of total health concept and the protection of the workers. All workers in our employment shall be certified medically fit before employment and half annual (6 month) medical examination is conducted for all staffs accordingly based on swimming practice.

Environmental Protection Policies.

Our company is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of our work. We shall take environmental sanitation and monitoring seriously to ensure that all FEPA (Federal Environment Protection Agency) and Federal Ministry of Environment interim guidelines/standards are complied with as regard our operation. Effect will be geared toward towards the minimization of environmental hazards released during the course of our work on projects sites, client environmental department.

More so, it is expected of every employee to guide against unhealthy and environmentally unacceptable conditions both at work and at home.

Security Policy

The company is also committed to ensure appropriate measure for the protection of its working environment form theft and sabotage. This is achieving through the restriction of unauthorized personnel into office locations and work sites. Security personnel so engaged by the company in its location/project site are to ensure the security of personnel, machineries, vehicles, work tools. Steps shall be taken to safe guide all who work for us including all who work for us including third parties.

Drug/Alcohol Policy

This policy is drawn in line with the acceptable standard policy. It is E.A. Temile & Sons policy that;

  • Smoking , being recognized as injurious to health, is actively discouraged
  • Smoking of Cigarettes, Cigars or pipes is prohibited in all our facilities and other                                                           

designated no-smoking areas, and company canteens.

Occupational Health Policy

It is our policy to:

  • Identify and make inventory of potential physical, chemical, biological, ergonomically and physiotherapy health hazards associated with work and working environment.
  • Evaluate the risk to health associated with exposures to this hazards and take action to remove or adequately reduce them.

Asbestos Policy

It is the company’s policy to:

  • Use no asbestos, and when practicable to replace all existing asbestos with safer alternatives.
  • Accept use of asbestos cement products provided precautions are taken to eliminate any exposure of people to asbestos dust during production operations.
  • Dispose of asbestos waste in strict accordance with our disposal procedures.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy

It is our policy;

  • Pursue hazard control methods that remove the necessity for the use of PPE.
  • Where the us of PPE is unavoidable, to supply the PPE at no cost to those requiring it

Waste Management Policy

It is our policy to:

  • To take all practical and reasonable measures to minimize the generation of solid waste and otherwise.
  • Not to discharge waste/spill oil to the surrounding
  • To manage and dispose of such waste in a statutory and environmentally friendly manner.
  • To track and maintain the records of the full cycle of waste stream and provide an auditable trail as to its management and disposal.

Transport Policy

  • Management of E.A. Temile & Sons Company shall implement this policies and support initiatives, which further enhanced performance.
  • The transport  manager (operations) as activities owners for logistics operation shall maintain company standards for logistics operation shall maintain company standards for land water and provide guidance for their implementations.

All staffs and subcontractors shall ensure that:

  • Transport activity are managed as integral part of day to day activities and within a framework of controls that verify compliance with company standards.
  • All forms of land, marine and material handling equipment are registered and inspected prior to being used on company business and there after on a periodic basis.
  • Company and contractor personnel(s) that are authorized to operate all forms of land, marine, air transport and material handling equipment on company business are registered and accredited by the transport manager.
  • Programmes are in place to raise the awareness of operators to the full range of hazards that exist and how they may be controlled using approaches such as journey management.

Emergency Response Policy

The response to any emergency within the company will be directed towards:

  • Saving life
  • Care for the injured
  • Protection of the environment
  • Limitation of damage to assets
  • Defense of E.A. Temile & Sons Dev. Co.’s good corporate image

The company shall provide the appropriate or organization facilities, procedures and training so that immediate coordinated action can be taken to manage the situation inline with the above.

Maintenance of emergency equipment shall receive high priority.  Close liaison shall be maintained with appropriate government and industry organizations and communities. Regular exercises shall be carried out to confirm effectiveness, and any necessary improvement made promptly so as to maintain our readiness at all times.

Dissemination of HSE Policy

  • Communicate to all employees and contractors
  • Available to the public in an explicit language and format
  • Awareness to the employees and contractors with personal role in meting the requirement
  • of the policies.
  • Documentation of records to show that information has been received.
  • Information of revision of HSE policies to all employees and subcontractors



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