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Leadership Commitment


Adequate resources allocation shall be in terms of employment of competent personnel to compliment the system. Funds shall be made available adequately, equitable without starving others competing corporate needs. Equipment that are sound 


and up to date in expected standard shall be provided and regularly serviced and maintained for optimum and friendly performance.


The issue of HSE-Ms in our company is given top priority form the management based on this, the managing director and other top management staff shall be prime movers in all maters relating to HSE tin our operation. The management of the company shall provide adequate resources for HSE. Efficient and competent person shall be engaged in handling issue affecting our HSE as a mark of our total belief and commitment o HSE as an important aspect of our business operation.


To further demonstrate our unalloyed commitment to HSE-Ms, the managing director shall be the chairman of all HSE meeting schedule within our company. Our line manager in HSE and field operations, supervisors shall attend our regular HSE meetings compulsorily


The managing director along with other management staff shall encourage effective communications of HSE issue within the company. This shall be achieved by encouraging free distribution of HSE posters, handbills, bulletin, and magazines and by discussing critical HSE issues during HSE meetings.



As a way of showing that the managing director is fully committed to all issue relating to HSE within the organization, we shall personally carry out an inspection o facilities and the environment of the workplace. By so doing we shall have first hand information on the state of the work site.

The company’s management demonstrate visible commitment to HSE to enhance the credibility of her HSE policies and objective and to communicate the importance of HSE issue and to develop a save working culture in practice, commitment means providing adequately trained and competent personnel to develop, implement and maintain the HSE-Ms, stick to the policy and achieve the overall HSE objectives.

The company’s HSE culture is based on:


  • Believe in the company’s ability to continually improve HSE performance.
  • Creating a no-blame work environment.
  • Setting clear objective and target for HSE and reviewing performance at regular intervals.
  • Empowering and encouraging staff at all level to take personal responsibility for and take a leadership role in HSE issues relevant to their professional work, their work environment and our host communities.

Show of serious commitment to HSE in the organization is evidenced:

  • Given room to employee’s suggestion for improvement of HSE performance.
  • Promoting HSE discussions in company meetings and bulletin.
  • Including HSE plan and review with company’s operational planning circle and meeting structure.
  • Attending and chairing meetings.
  • Acting on HSE report without delay
  • Operating an open-ended relation to external liaison with authorities and the general public.
  • Conducting HSE audit or inspections personally.
  • Taking part in the implementation of HSE plans
  • Creating time for field ad-hoc HSE site as well as fore-planed program of community visit and management asset inspections.
  • Taking part in incident investigation.
  • Relating with subcontractors on HSE matters and promoting improvement to HSE performance in meeting with subcontractors
  • Be present at HSE meetings/workshops outside the company.
  • Appointing experienced and competent staff to develop review and maintain the HSE management system.
  • Setting specific HSE task and target for individuals and departments.

Leadership in HSE issues is not centralized around company management. Management supports local actions and initiatives employed to promote HSE allows individuals to play leadership roles within their circle of influence.



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